Pay for knowledge as much as you want
We are glad to welcome you on the website of the First International Academy of Donation System (FIADS). Our project is a new look at education, the meaning of which is simple - pay for knowledge exactly as much as you want and can afford. What does it mean? You choose a course, apply for training and study according to the plan (watch video lectures, complete tasks and receive feedback from practicing teachers). It's all free. If you liked the educational process, you got the necessary knowledge and skills, if you wish, you can donate any money for the further development of the Academy. A donation can be made during the education, after it ends, or some time later.


Intensives are workshops, seminars and mini-courses on narrow topics that are practical in nature. In distance learning, you get modern and in-demand knowledge and skills that you can apply at work or for personal purposes.

This format is suitable for studying only relevant topics, without the need to listen to a full course in a specific area.
Courses are various educational programs covering broad topics and consisting of both theoretical and practical lessons.

Courses are more fundamental and meaningful than intensives, but they also require more time to study. Courses are accompanied by homework and final tests of students.
Industry education is training programs of various duration and format, developed for specific areas of activity, for example, for HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe) or Fashion & Beauty.

Programs can be targeted at company executives and ordinary employees.


  • Quality education
    The academy employs lecturers from leading universities
  • Job placement
    We help the best graduates find jobs through partner hr-agencies
  • Prestigious
    Education is highly valued by employers from various industries
  • Actual knowledge
    We launch courses in popular professions and business areas
  • We work with experts
    Each program is developed by a group of specialists from a specific field
  • Free
    Education is free, always and for everyone



Completed training
Education on the program "Creating a personal brand" is over. Congratulations to the students who successfully completed the mini-course, and we wish you good luck in your career and business!
Recruitment for training is open
Recruitment for the Academy's new SWOT analysis program has been opened. The training is free.
The knowledge gained in the free educational programs of the Academy will help you get the job you want, make a career or business breakthrough!
Free online learning is a new stage in the development of education. At various distance courses of the FIADS Academy, students receive relevant knowledge and skills in popular professions and areas of entrepreneurial activity from leading experts and business gurus. Despite the fact that the Academy provides free distance learning, the educational process is predominantly classical - with lectures, homework that is checked by teachers, with final exams and tests. In addition to traditional methods, FIADS also uses new teaching methods, such as marathons. When choosing an online learning format, the main priority is that the classes are simple, understandable and interesting, and knowledge is useful. Sign up for free online training from the Academy to achieve your goals and achieve success in business or career!
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